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Bioresonance Diagnosis and Therapy

Holistic Center Transmed was founded in the beginning of 2008 and is one of the first centers to introduce a high-tech bioresonance approach to the diagnosis of the human organism. Individual treatment and nutrition is embedded in the concept of the center and is compliant with natural medicine: diet regimen, homeopathy, phytotherapy, apitherapy, lithotherapy, nutritional supplements, Eastern medicine preparations, Bach flower essences and others.

What is Bioresonance Diagnosis with METATRON HOSPITAL?

This is the most accurate, informative and safe method for express and complete diagnosis of the human body. It helps us understand the causes and the stages of the health problems. Bioresonance or Non-linear analysis systems /NLS/ diagnostics aims at obtaining full information of the human organism at the physical and psycho-emotional level. Data of the objective state of human organs, tissues, cells and chromosomes are transmitted on a screen in real time and immediately reported on in the form of pathological processes, microorganism activity and accurate diagnosis.


All information about the condition of the body is supplied by the brain of the investigated person. Special trigger sensors are used in the form of headphones that are placed on the temporal bones. Through a special, powerful Metapathia HOSPITAL software, the resulting information is visualized on the screen in the form of three-dimensional models of organs, tissues and cells. A specific system of markers is used to mark their current status - normal or pathological.

11 Reasons to be tested With METATRON HOSPITAL?

  • Examines all organs in the human body within one visit
  • Detects diseases at an early stage. The intuitive interface allows volume testing of organs, tissues, cells and chromosomes to determine the cause of the disease.
  • NLS diagnostics gives higher accuracy than other device methods: echograph, tomograph, nuclear magnetic resonance, and so on.
  • Proven safely and comfortably. Does not cause any discomfort or health damage. It is non-invasive, without penetration, no irradiation and no need of secretion technique of examination
  • Detects a wide range of parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Performs hair analysis - establishes deficiencies and toxic levels of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals
  • Identification of allergens
  • High degree of visualization with 4D
  • Vegeto- test for tolerance to foods and beverages
  • Controlling the treatment and rehabilitation process
  • It saves a lot of time and money from touring to close specialists, hospitals and laboratories
  • This method can even diagnose infants and pregnant women.

How does bioresonance diagnosis work with METATRON CLINICAL?

  1. The session begins with a detailed health questionnaire on the condition and reasons for the visit. Mobile phones are turned off before the examination begins, all jewelery and metal objects, such as keys, coins, and more. The study is not recommended for severe forms of epilepsy and mental illness, body temperature above 39 ° C, pregnancy, endoprostheses (metal bars), implantable pacemaker, rehabilitation period after myocardial infarction or stroke.
  2. Special trigger sensors are placed on the patient's head, and scanning of all organs begins. Three types of study are available: standard, express and detailed. During this process 6 different cell states are visualized. This enables the specialist to even identify problematic organs at this stage.
  3. The physician describes all detected pathological processes, infectious agents, allergens, heavy metals, deficient states, and others in the final episcrisis. It can also include recommendations for treatment, preventive measures, healthy eating, nutritional supplements and much more.
  4. A patient's epicrisis is printed. Control diagnosis is recommended after passing the entire treatment or rehabilitation course. If necessary, the patient is recommended for Bio Resonator therapy with Driver Resonator.

New software "Metapathia Hospital" was created on the basis of "Metapathia GR Clinical" software and include all its features, etalons and functions.
In addition to features of the previous versions, new software version include a number of new 3D models in Full HD:
- Internal organs
- Skeleton
- Muscles
- Blood circulatory system
- Lymphatic system
- Nervous system
- Heart
- Cardiac chambers
- Cardiac vessels
- Cardiac conducting system
- Lungs
- Teeth
- External ear
- Chakras
New  etalons databases of «Metapathia Hospital» program:
- body types
- parasites and helminthes
- homeopathic preparations by HEEL Company
New functions were added:
"Wide Vision" - allows performing of segmentation, zooming and detailed reconstruction of separate studied anatomical structures. At the same time the studied object is moved to the center of a screen and other structures, preventing complete all-round visualization, are shaded.

 "Multi Vision" - allows getting of not only virtual multidimensional images of anatomical structures, but to highlight bones, soft tissues, vessels and nerves as well (four-dimension color-coded NLS-data). The advantage of this feature is acquiring of accurate image of topographic-anatomic interrelation of tissues, vessels and nerves of a studied region, which increases quality of image perception.
Also this feature allows quick, detailed and zoomed studying of separate anatomical structures, including tissues, vessels and nerves in 4D interactive rendering format.

The new software's "Alternative diagnostics" section offers evaluation of 7 chakras on the Fleindler's scale, in addition to evaluation of 14 Chinese meridians, auriculodiagnostics and iridodiagnostics.

Using 12-point Fleindler's scale, these software versions allow evaluation of catabolic (Yin-related) processes, accompanied by absorption of information. These are proliferative and degenerative-proliferative processes (benign and malignant tumors, polyps, miomas, mastopathy), which were extremely difficultt to diagnose with devices of previous generations ("Metapathia GR Hunter", "Metapathia GR Clinical", "Red Dragon").
Optional equipment and possibilities of new software for improved stereoscopic visualization of 3D models, allowing to create an immersion into investigation effect and provide a better understanding of diagnostics results by means of connection to any 3D screen with polarised glasses where organs model will be shown. The device shows on a TV screen a high-quality stereoscopic image of examined organs, therefore increasing visualization quality of examination results.

New software versions allow to identify six stages of an illness development: psychophysiological, energoinformational, neuroendocrine, endotoxic, symptomatic and terminal. At the first three stages an illness is considered easily curable, at the fourth - curable, at the fifth - hardly curable, at the sixth - incurable.



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